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The health care sector is on the verge of big changes as artificial intelligence reshapes how researchers, drugmakers, health care providers and others in the field operate. 

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Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the way many business and personal tasks are conducted. While much of the attention has focused on the pitfalls of AI, the technology is already becoming a key tool for revolutionizing companies and improving efficiency across different industries.

AI is also evolving into a regulatory gray area. Congress, federal regulators and the tech industry are grappling with how to craft a legislative framework that balances minimizing the potential perils without stifling innovation.


  • The way Congress and the federal government are approaching AI as part of the nation’s cybersecurity defense strategy
  • How AI has become a crucial tool in healthcare and scientific discovery
  • How small businesses are deploying AI to handle tasks and improve efficiency
  • The way AI technology is helping a modern workforce prepare for today’s employment realities

Each segment — delivered every two weeks — will highlight where the issue stands across different sectors, feature interviews with key figures and provide a review of the regulatory outlook. We’ll also have a podcast to accompany each issue, so be sure to tune in for the most recent episode here.

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We examine how the U.S. is embracing AI as a tool to bolster its cyber defenses and what Congress is doing on the issue.

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