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FinCEN is using Earth Day to remind banks to “remain vigilant” about the risks of environmental crimes and the money laundering used to facilitate them.

Gottheimer: Qatar needs to do more to free hostages

News: Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) just returned from a brief House Intelligence Committee trip to Israel. He met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of Mossad and other government officials.

Upon returning, Gottheimer is trying to up the pressure on Qatar to deliver on getting the hostages released.

“[Qatar], I believe, [has] the power and responsibility to help get more hostages freed and should be acting faster and doing everything they can,” Gottheimer said. “I believe it’s incumbent upon them and expected upon them to do everything they can, in their conversations with Hamas in those relationships, to get the hostages home as quickly as possible.”

Qatar is in an interesting position in the Middle East. They house the Hamas political office and also one of the largest U.S. outposts in the Middle East, Al Udeid Air Base.

— Jake Sherman

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