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Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer to cut big checks for House GOP

News: House Majority Whip Tom Emmer plans to announce two big political moves this morning at a closed party meeting.

The Minnesota Republican will announce that he is transferring another $1.5 million to the NRCC. And Emmer will also reveal that he’s cutting more than $2 million worth of checks to candidates and incumbent House Republicans. He has transferred $10 million to the NRCC and candidates this cycle.

Emmer has raised more than $21 million this cycle so far, vaulting toward the top of the House Republican fundraising list.

The politics-focused conference meeting today, held at the Capitol Hill Club, will feature leadership reports and the altar call, in which lawmakers pony up to the NRCC.

NRCC Chair Richard Hudson is going to review district-level polling, which is aimed at showing shifts toward the GOP from 2020. And Hudson will also spike the football on the NRCC topping the DCCC in fundraising in May.

— Jake Sherman

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