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Punchbowl News at the 2022 Texas Tribune Festival

We will be hosting a Punchbowl News tent as part of Open Congress festivities on Saturday, Sept. 24 where we will bring together our community and host conversations with leading newsmakers from both sides of the aisle.

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    Schedule of Events

    • 9:30am- 10:30am CT: Jake and Anna will interview Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)
    • 11:00am- 12:00pm CT: Jake will sit down with Texas GOP candidates for Congress Morgan LuttrellMonica De La Cruz and Wesley Hunt
    • 12:30pm- 1:30pm CT: Heather will interview Democratic candidates for Congress Greg Casar and Jasmine Crockett
    • 2:00pm- 3:00pm CT: Anna will sit down with San Antonio Mayor Ron Nierenberg and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner
    • 4:15pm- 5:15pm CT: Jake will talk with Susan Glasser and Peter Baker about their new book “The Divider,” which is out Sept. 2

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