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A conversation about sustainability has never been more important.

Our climate is changing. Individuals, businesses and policymakers alike have narrowed in on sustainable practices and outcomes. Companies from all sectors have made commitments to become net zero by 2050 or sooner. Investors are looking to take advantage of a several-trillion-dollar marketplace and assist in this effort. Meanwhile, lawmakers are actively engaged in policy to assist in the energy transition — with a wide variety of perspectives about the best way forward. It has never been more important to bring the private and public sector together for timely conversations about the best way to improve our climate for future generations.

Punchbowl News wants to participate in these ongoing conversations by bringing visibility to the promises that have been made to commit to combating climate change. Through The Punch Up, we will examine where the public and private sectors are meeting the moment, where things have fallen short and how government and industry leaders can work together to amplify opportunities to create a more sustainable future.

Meet the Cohort

Punchbowl News will bring together eight industry leaders for an open, robust and meaningful dialogue on sustainability. Cohort participants will include experts from Capitol Hill, the private sector and the nonprofit world, all recognized as leaders in their field.

At Target, our team rallies around a single purpose: to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. That purpose is underscored by our commitment to positively impact both people and planet. Through our sustainability strategy, Target Forward, our vision is to co-create an equitable and regenerative future together with our guests, partners and communities.

What inspires you? “Action and scale, creative solutions that are better functionally as well as in terms of impact.”

Bridget Croke

“Everyone is investing in sustainability because businesses, communities and other stakeholders have realized the investments will save money and create economic opportunity.”

Laura Gillam

What key words embody your work? “Connecting, learning, advocacy.” 

Caitlin Haberman

What has changed the most since you started your career? “The level of engagement from senior leadership and the investment community.”

Jack McAneny

Anna Palmer, Punchbowl News CEO and founder, will facilitate the conversation. She will guide participants through a candid discussion about their career experiences, including hurdles and advancements in their efforts to achieve a more sustainable world. In order to foster a sincere exchange of ideas and create a safe space for all opinions to be expressed, the Chatham House Rule will apply to the dialogue.

We will present topline themes and broad findings afterwards with the goal that Cohort participants and The Punch Up community walk away with concrete ideas for how the public and private sectors can work together to advance environmental sustainability.

“The potential to drive positive impact and growth has never been more apparent, and demand for action has never been higher. It’s energizing to see so many working to meaningfully answer that call.”

Amanda Nusz

What key words embody your work? “Systemic transformation and social inclusion.”

Kishore Rao

“Food transition is uniquely positioned to solve the two greatest contingent liabilities of our era – climate stability and healthcare.”

Cristina Rohr

“I am inspired by those who add their voices, experience, time and energy to building the momentum of the environmental justice movement.”

Carla Walker

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The Dialogue

The Dialogue will bring together a diverse set of thought leaders on sustainability in the public and private sectors for a facilitated conversation in October.