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The Mission

The Punch Up will bring together a diverse set of decision makers from the business world, government and nonprofit sector for a series of open and robust conversations about racial equity and environmental sustainability. Punchbowl News will facilitate this evolving discussion through a mix of in-person events, private dialogues with selected industry experts, profiles of thought leaders in these areas, a special edition newsletter and podcast.

Leaders in both the public and private sectors are more aware than ever of the challenges and opportunities they face in their efforts to create inclusive, equitable and sustainable workplaces. But far too often, these conversations happen in silos with government and business leaders trying to tackle these complex issues on their own. The Punch Up wants to break down those barriers, facilitating productive conversations that can translate into collective – and we believe, more effective – action.

The latest from The Punch Up

New From The Punch Up

The Findings

The Findings will bring together a diverse set of leaders in the business world, government and nonprofit sector to gather as a community and engage in an open and robust dialogue about racial equity and environmental sustainability.   

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Latest Profile

Daniela Fernandez

Through Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Daniela Fernandez is helping startups scale to market and put innovation to work to protect the environment.

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Latest Profile

Marc Morial

Marc Morial says that in the years since the police murder of George Floyd, the equity movement has seen major advancements, particularly in the White House.

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At Target, our team rallies around a single purpose: to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. That purpose is underscored by our commitment to positively impact both people and planet. Through our sustainability strategy, Target Forward, our vision is to co-create an equitable and regenerative future together with our guests, partners and communities.

Previously on The Punch Up

Punch Up Profile

Adjoa B. Asamoah

Punchbowl News profiles Adjoa B. Asamoah, the Senior Adviser for Racial Equity at The Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is the first of four profiles.

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The Social

Punchbowl News, in partnership with Target, brought together ESG leaders in the public and private sector to kickoff The Punch Up with an evening of conversation and connection.

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The Purpose

For Punchbowl News, an awareness of and commitment to both racial equity and environmental sustainability has been a core value since our founding. Punchbowl News has actively used its journalistic platform to facilitate candid and informative conversations in these areas, providing visibility to discussions that often happen behind closed doors.

As the news leader focused on decision makers in Washington, Punchbowl News is uniquely positioned to further elevate these discussions through The Punch Up, an accountability-centric platform that will break down the silos between public and private sector leaders.

The Punch Up will bring together industry and government leaders who are currently working individually to solve many of the same problems. The power of the collective is stronger than the individual and we at Punchbowl News will help drive this collaborative conversation.