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The Mission

The Punch Up brings together a diverse set of decision makers from the business world, government and nonprofit sector for open and robust conversations about some of the most pressing issues of the day. Punchbowl News facilitates the evolving discussions on issues such as gender equality, racial equity, access to health care, increasing financial literacy and more through a mix of original reporting, in-person events, private dialogues with selected industry experts, profiles of thought leaders in these areas, a special edition newsletter and podcast.

Leaders in both the public and private sectors are more aware than ever of the challenges and opportunities they face in their efforts to create inclusive workplaces and more broadly act as good corporate citizens. But far too often, these conversations happen in silos with government and business leaders trying to tackle these complex issues on their own. The Punch Up aims to break down those barriers and foster productive conversations that can translate into collective – and more effective – action.

The latest from The Punch Up


Punchbowl News HQ debuts at CBC Week

In honor of CBCF ALC week, we launched our first ever Punchbowl News HQ. Members of our team and the Congressional Black Caucus communities came together Thursday for thoughtful conversations on health equity, networking, music and food.

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Check out the “Diversity Across the Aisle” event where we served as a media sponsor earlier this year.

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Last year on The Punch Up



We brought together the Punch Up community for a half-day summit of panels, fireside chats and working group sessions.

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Relive the Experience

The Social

Punchbowl News, in partnership with Target, brought together ESG leaders in the public and private sector to kickoff The Punch Up with an evening of conversation and connection.

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The Purpose

For Punchbowl News, an awareness of and commitment to facilitating conversations around equity is a core value since our founding. Punchbowl News has actively used its journalistic platform to convene candid and informative conversations in these areas, providing visibility to discussions that often happen behind closed doors.

As the news leader focused on decision makers in Washington, Punchbowl News is uniquely positioned to further elevate discussions on gender and racial equity, access to health care and financial literacy through The Punch Up, an accountability-centric platform that breaks down the silos between public and private sector leaders.

The Punch Up brings together industry and government leaders who are currently working individually to solve many of the same problems. The power of the collective is stronger than the individual and we at Punchbowl News help drive this collaborative conversation.


The economic divide in this country is one that both lawmakers and the private sector are trying to close. We bring together key leaders to discuss a myriad of issues from financial literacy to what types of education can help the next generation.


One of the key issues facing this country is health care. From dismal maternal mortality rates in the U.S. to digital health to food as medicine, we want to lead on health care access conversations.