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 Current Position:

Chief of Staff






Georgetown University,
Harvard Law School


There are people in Washington who earn the reputation that they can do it all. They are familiar with policy, they are politically astute, they understand people, they can work the bureaucracy and communicate it all to the public. That’s Ron Klain. He has worked twice in the White House, and also served in top positions on Capitol Hill, the Justice Department and on campaigns. When Barack Obama needed someone to lead the response to the Ebola virus threat in 2014, it fell to Klain, who had no real experience on that issue but knew how the government could be leveraged to prevent the disease from becoming a pandemic.

 Political Considerations:

Joe Biden faces many challenges: A slim Democratic majority in both chambers, an economy on the brink, a nation divided and a pandemic still raging. All of those challenges are now on Klain’s plate. Klain will need to help his boss figure out how to keep Democrats in Congress happy while cutting deals that will move the country forward. The White House is looking to reboot the nation’s coronavirus efforts. In many ways, this is the culmination of everything Klain has done in a long career in Washington.

 Inside his orbit:

 Words of Wisdom:

With multiple immediate crises to manage, make sure that part of the team stays focused on the long term agenda or the short term will absorb everyone.

Jack Lew, former White House Chief of Staff


As the new administration and Congressional leaders take steps to protect the American people and revitalize our economy, Amazon stands ready to help. We’re excited to bring our innovative spirit to the critical work of ensuring fair wages for America’s workers, as we advocate for Congress to pass the Raise the Wage Act. This legislation will increase the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour by 2025. At Amazon, we raised our starting wage to at least $15 an hour back in 2018 because it’s good for workers, good for business, good for communities and good for our economy.

Passing the Raise the Wage Act would give 32 million U.S. workers the raise they deserve and help revitalize the national economy.

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