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Punch Up Dialogue

Punch Up Dialogue

Punch Up Dialogue

Punchbowl News hosted our dialogue conversation on racial equity as part of The Punch Up. The 90-minute virtual session was an impactful conversation with leaders in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. A big thank you to Target for their partnership on the platform. And to the leaders: Kiera Fernandez, Lori Castillo Martinez, Tasha Cole, Rick C. Wade, Jose Antonio Tijerino & Kemba Hendrix for joining us. Looking forward to sharing more throughout the year and at our year-end event, “The Findings”, in December.

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The Findings

The Findings will bring together a diverse set of leaders in the business world, government and nonprofit sector to gather as a community and engage in an open and robust dialogue about racial equity and environmental sustainability.   

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Daniela Fernandez

Through Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Daniela Fernandez is helping startups scale to market and put innovation to work to protect the environment.

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